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Featured Dishes

Blue Beef Nigiri
Raw beef slices with mustard wasabi on nigiri rice, and a cheesy garnish quickly flame gunned to charcoal sear.
Seaweed salad
Mix of seaweed on cabbage julienne, an assortment of Asian salad, cucumber, tomato, and red radish dressed in fresh mustard dressing.
Chicken salad
Chicken salad
Cabbage, Swiss chard leaf, mizuna, coral lettuce, tat-soy, and our very own crispy chicken dressed with balsamic-soy and aioli. *Note: Wonton skin...
Aburi Salmon Nigiri
Topside lightly flamed salmon sashimi on sushi rice garnished with den-gaku miso with sprinkles of sesame & chives.
Spicy Tuna Roll
Tuna sashimi rolled with celery in spicy sauce, and topped with light chilli dressing and aioli.
Crab Californian
Crunchy crab in sushi rice, coated with tobiko, and finally dressed with aioli&caramel soy.
Teriyaki chicken sushi with guacamole and caramel soy
Avocado and blanched asparagus sushi on karashi-su miso paste.
Salmon sashimi on asparagus
Salmon sashimi slices on a bed of blanched asparagus, served with yukke sauce and chilli mayo.
Fresh sashimi spoons
Salmon and scallop sashimi paired together and glazed in onion soy dressing and garnished with salty salmon roe and chives.
Salmon sashimi bites
Sashimi-grade salmon tartare placed on witlof leaves dressed with aioli. Best eaten by the mouthful.
Hokigai ceviche
Has the crunch of a calamari but tastes like a scallop, this jewel is marinated in our soy vinaigrette, placed on sushi rice and topped with...
Wagyu beef tataki
Seared premium wagyu beef rump cut into thin slices and dressed with garlic soy caramel sauce and whole grain mustard vinaigrette. Witlof and leek...
Prawn and lobster tartare
Blenched creamy prawns and lobster, seasoned and served as dipping with baguette slices.
Tuna tataki on avacado
Seared raw tuna on a bed of avocado wedges dressed with thick teriyaki sauce and lemon shallot vinaigrette.
Prawn kushi-yaki
Caramel prawn on skewers served with a side of avocado cream.
Niku-jaga cottage pie
Diced wagyu beef stew baked with home made mashed potatoes.
Beef asparagus
Thinly sliced beef wrapped around asparagus and pan fried. Served with caramel soy and relish.
Pork broccolini
Thinly sliced basted pork wrapped around broccolini and served with ha-cho miso (Jap BBQ paste).
Pan seared scallops
Lightly pan seared scallops dressed with zingy karashi-su miso and vinaigrette.
Chili crab claws
Golden deep-fried crab dumpling, served with hot chilli mayo.
Seasoned octopus pancake balls, dressed with aioli and tonkatsu (Japanese bbq sauce).
Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu served with grated radish & agedashi sauce.
Creamy Prawn Springrolls
Bechamel prawns in springroll with a side of hot English mustard.
Fried chicken tosazu
Pieces of deep fried chicken boneless thigh fillets served with a side of chilli mayo.
Tempura jumbo prawns
Served with green tea salt and tentsuyu (tempura sauce).
Tempura vegetables
Sweet potato, green beans and lady’s-fingers in light tempura batter, served with green tea salt and tentsuyu (tempura sauce).
Tempura fish of the day
Tempura fish of the day in small bites served with green tea salt and a side of tentsuyu.
Cheesy pork katsu
Crumbed pork wrapped with melted gourmet cheese filling
Tempura soft shell crab
Served with wasabi mayo.
Eggplant, mushroom and mochi
Flash fried eggplant (unbattered) with a side of mochi (sticky rice cake) and tempura mushroom dressed with goma miso sauce
Bbq unagi
Unagi (eel) fillet marinated in BBQ sauce and dressed with teriyaki sauce
Teriyaki chicken
Teriyaki chicken with a side of homemade guacamole.
Teriyaki barramundi
Pan fried fish cutlet dressed with ginger teriyaki sauce.
Caramel soy duck
Seasoned duck breast with skin on, pan fried and dressed with vinaigrette and garlic caramelized soy.
Teriyaki wagyu
Pan fried 200g 6/7 grade (1 grade from 9+) wagyu sirloin in our signature garlic butter teriyaki sauce, finished with sliced onion and red...

Wine & Beer

Mio Sparkling Wine
Kyoto, JAP
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore
Crocetta Del Montello, ITA
House Sparkling
$8.5 | 32.0
House Riesling 2014
$8.0 | 32.0
Mt Barker, SA
Hillebille Estate Semillon Sauv Blanc 2017
$9.0 | 39.0
Blackwood River, WA
Mount Vernon Sauvignon Blanc 2017
$9.0 | 39.0
Marlborough, NZ
Heathridge Sauv Blanc Semillon 2015
Margaret River, WA
Babich Black Label Pinot Gris 2015
Marlborough, NZ
The Lane Vineyard Chardonnay 2016
Adelaide Hills, SA
Babich Rosé
$9.5 | 39.0
Marlborough, NZ
Ad Hoc Middle of Everywhere Shiraz 2016
$9.5 | 39.0
Greatern Southern, WA
Inigo Merlot 2014
$9.5 | 39.0
Clare Valley, SA
Rymill “The Dark Horse” Cab Sauv 2015
$9.5 | 39.0
Coonawarra, SA
Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012
Barossa, SA
Singlefile Cabernet Sauv Merlot 2015
Great Southern, WA
Barossa, SA
Mollydooker Shiraz
McLaren Vale, SA
Hakushika Chokara
$18.0 | 27.0
Ippin Junmai Daiginjyo
$33.0 | 48.0
Double Gold San Francisco International Wine Comp